This is an application useful for wind-related activities, like sailing, surfing, kite, etc. AndroGrib will read GRIB files containing wind data (GFS/UGRD&VGRD) and will display the wind vectors overlayed to Google Maps, allowing you to browse through the data sets (current and forecasted values).

You can request free GRIB files to by email, AndroGrib will compose the request email for you. You can also download GRIB files from, but the Android browser seems cannot download the files correctly (it will download only some garbage html instead). If you wish to use files is better to get them from a PC or via email.

AndroGrib will scan for GRIB files available on the SD-Card on the Download and downloads folders.

GRIB files decoding is performed using JGRIB library:

The app was tested with and files. It’s mainly for personal use, but requests and bugs are gladly accepted:

Future plans:
– display pressure isobars
– use offline Open Street Maps
– more customization options
– better error-handling and messages